What To Look For In A Professional Pressure Washing Company

What To Look For In A Professional Pressure Washing Company

When it comes time to clean the exterior surfaces of your home or business, hiring a professional pressure washing company is often the best option. However, not all pressure washing companies are created equal. Choosing the right company for the job will ensure you end up with sparkling clean surfaces without any damage or mess left behind. This article outlines the key factors to look for when evaluating pressure washing service providers so you can make an informed decision.

Expertise and Experience

When hiring a pressure washing company, their expertise and years of experience should be among your top considerations. An established company that specializes in pressure washing will have the knowledge, techniques, and equipment to handle any surface or stain efficiently and safely. Ask the following when evaluating experience:

  • How long has the company been in the pressure washing business? Look for 5+ years.
  • Do they specialize in pressure washing or offer other services? Specialty is better.
  • What types of properties do they have experience with? Homes, commercial buildings, etc.
  • Will the same technicians work on your property for each service? Consistent teams are a plus.

An experienced pressure washing pro will also take the time to properly assess your surfaces and identify any problem areas or special cleaning challenges before providing an estimate.

Licensing and Insurance

Reputable power washing companies will have proper licensing from your state and city, as well as carry general liability insurance. Ask to see documentation of all current credentials. Licensing proves they have passed regulations and qualifications. Insurance protects you from liability if there’s property damage or injury. Many home insurance policies exclude damage from pressure washing, making the company’s insurance critical. Ensure coverage amounts are adequate.

Equipment and Training

Professional power washers invest in commercial-grade equipment and invest in ongoing training for their technicians to acquire technique mastery. When evaluating a company look for details on:

  • The types of power washers used – hot, cold, gas-powered, electric. Each has pros and cons.
  • What psi levels do their machines offer? Often 2000+ psi for homes.
  • Do they use gentle methods involving chemicals and low pressure for delicate areas? The key to safety.
  • Are technicians fully trained on proper operation to avoid damage? Ask about training. Proper equipment along with skilled technicians means better cleaning without safety and property damage risks.

References and Reviews

Check the company website and online reviews for before and after images from past customers. Additionally, ask for and check references. Speaking firsthand with others about their experiences can reveal helpful insights into workmanship, professionalism, timeliness, and service results.

Project Planning and Assessment

The initial site assessment and bid process also gives key insights into how meticulous and thorough the company’s approach is. A trusted pressure washing provider will:

  • Ask detailed questions about the property and areas that need cleaning.
  • Personally visit to inspect, identify challenges, test stain removal, and determine chemical needs.
  • Provide a clearly outlined bid covering what tasks are included along with start and end timelines. What’s excluded?
  • Accurately set client cleaning expectations by referencing showcase past jobs with similar surfaces and stains.

A pressure washing company invested in doing the prep work well to deliver predefined outcomes is one that takes quality and service seriously.

Day of Service – Prep and Precautions

On service day a diligent power washing company will take measures to protect your property and belongings including:

  • Working around landscaping and using degreaser protection fluid to safeguard plants.
  • Isolating areas at special flood risk with barriers like splash guards.
  • Covering delicate outdoor fixtures, outlets, or items that can’t get wet.
  • Clearly marking underground pipes or wires that pose dig risks.

Ask what precautions they implement the standard on the job. How do they minimize flooding or transition point wetness where cleaned surfaces meet others? Their prep approach indicates how mindful the technicians are when operating equipment and applying chemicals on site.

Cleanup Practices

An exceptional pressure washing company leaves zero mess behind once the job is complete by:

  • Collecting all debris and residue from the wash area.
  • Taking precautions not to spread debris that evokes slip or health hazards.
  • Checking any covered fixtures and fittings then removing all covers and barriers.
  • Gathering equipment and ensuring no tools are accidentally left on site.

No property owner wants to deal with leftover debris, damage from uncovered items, or the liability of cleaning gear left behind. Judging the cleanliness, order, and organization at job closeout underscores the quality and attention to detail of the crews.

Service Guarantees and Support

Many pro pressure washing companies offer satisfaction guarantees promising prompt callbacks if any spots or stains persist after initial service and cleanup. The very best providers proactively offer maintenance plans, additional periodic cleaning services, and service packages with complements like a window or exterior home detailing bundled with pressure washing.

Evaluate both the provided guarantee coverage along with the level of extended service support and offerings. Reputable companies stand behind their work quality while seeking to build ongoing service relationships versus one-time project wins.

Pricing and Proposals

When examining pressure washing company pricing look closely at what specific services are included at which costs such as:

  • Basic exterior cleaning of defined areas.
  • Treatment for any heavily stained areas.
  • Cleaning of additional structures like patios, pools, driveways, and decks.
  • Any prepping, masking, or protective covering provided. Also, consider what upsell options are available if typical included services won’t meet your quality needs or completely clean all exterior areas as desired.

Be wary of quotes substantially lower than competitors without reasonable explanation. Extremely low prices likely mean cutting corners somehow.

Top providers will offer written proposals outlining your project scope with areas denoted on property maps and photos from assessment along with staining examples. The best proposals clearly set expectations for outcomes relative to budget while giving you adequate decision-making detail on areas, cleaning methods, and overall approach.

Bringing It All Together

By carefully evaluating experience, reputation, equipment, personnel, practices, pricing, and engagement depth upfront, you can determine if a prospective pressure washing company meets qualifications as a trusted professional worthy of handling your exterior cleaning and property stewardship. Spend time in the vetting process. The lowest bid option often comes with unwanted baggage and risks you’ll pay a lot more to resolve down the road. Investing in the right pressure washing partner ultimately saves money, provides peace of mind, and delivers sparkling clean, beautiful home exteriors to be proud of.

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