What Do Pressure Washing Companies Do In The Winter

What Do Pressure Washing Companies Do In The Winter

Winter can be one of the toughest times of year for pressure washing companies. Many homeowners like to believe that colder temperatures make it impossible to hire a pressure washing company during the winter months. However, while pressure washing in winter poses some unique challenges, professional pressure washing contractors have effective ways to handle winter weather while taking care of their customers’ washing needs year-round.

Why Winter Pressure Washing is Challenging

There are a few reasons why pressure washing in the winter can be more difficult than during warmer months:

Freezing Temperatures

The most obvious issue is that allowing water to freeze on surfaces can cause damage. If temperatures drop below 32°F/0°C, pressure washers have to take steps to prevent water and equipment from freezing up. Frozen hoses, pumps, or nozzles can burst and fail to work properly.

Less Daylight

With fewer daylight hours, pressure washing companies have a shorter window to get exterior cleaning work done each day before it gets dark. Setting up adequate lighting allows for some after-dark pressure washing, but companies still need to pack more jobs into fewer usable hours.


Many pressure washing contractors take time off over the holidays to be with family. And even when they are working, demand tends to be lower as homeowners focus more on indoor festivities than home exteriors. So winter income can dip despite the expenses of running a business staying steady.

Why Professionals Can Still Pressure Wash in Winter

While DIYers often put off their power washing projects until spring, professional contractors use methods and equipment that allow them to safely clean homes and businesses year-round:

Heated Chemicals

Pre-treating surfaces with heated cleaning agents helps dissolve built-up grime so that pressure washing is faster and more effective in cold conditions. Heated chemicals also keep working even when rinsed with cold water.

Insulated Hoses

Using thick, insulated hoses and tubing components prevents water inside from freezing. Insulation wraps also help protect exterior pump and motor housings from freezing temperatures.

Winterizing Trucks

Outfitting pressure washing vehicles with engine block heaters, battery blankets, tire chains, and cold weather wiper fluid prepares them to start and run reliably in freezing weather. Adding snow plows also helps companies quickly clear snow to access customer sites.

Specialized Nozzles

Adjustable nozzles optimized for low-temp conditions regulate water pressure and flow. Keeping water moving quickly helps prevent puddles from freezing and allows cleaners to cover more area in less time.

Temporary Enclosures

For big jobs, pressure washers set up portable tents or enclosures with space heaters to temporarily warm the area they are working on. This protects both cleaners and cleaning equipment from cold exposure.

Off-Season Flexibility

Having a mix of residential and commercial customers allows companies to shift focus during slow winter season. For example, they may take on more industrial fleet washing jobs versus home exterior cleaning.

What Do Pressure Washing Companies Do In The Winter?

In the winter, pressure washing companies adapt their services to accommodate the seasonal changes and challenges. Here are some typical cleaning jobs professionals provide during colder months when customers want to spruce up dingy exteriors:

Removing Holiday Light Grime

Years of taping up and taking down decorative holiday displays leaves residue buildup on home siding, decks, railings, gutters and roof edges. Power washing restores these areas to like-new condition.

Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Vents

Restaurants rely heavily on keeping kitchen exhaust vents grease-free to prevent fire hazards and health code violations. Winter is the perfect time for a deep power wash cleaning.

Detailing Snow Removal Vehicles

Hard use during winter takes a toll on plow trucks, front-end loaders, and other snow clearing equipment. Thorough pressure washing keeps them looking their best.

Renewing Outdoor Furniture

Blast away mold and mildew from patio furniture cushions and frames so they are fresh and ready for spring and summer use again.

Removing Algae and Moss Growth

Colder, wetter weather causes algae, moss and molds to spread rapidly across damp wood and concrete surfaces. Power washing halts further growth.

Cleaning Gutters and Downspouts

Remove packed leaves from rain gutters and clear out downspouts to prevent ice dams and water damage issues when snow melts or spring rains arrive.

Touching Up House Paint Jobs

Encapsulating lead paint or preparing surfaces for new paint often requires thorough pressure washing first to remove chalking and flaking on old exteriors.

Cleaning Commercial Solar Panels

Keep solar arrays operating at maximum efficiency by washing away dirt, bird droppings and debris that blocks sunlight from panels over the winter.

Why Winter is a Great Time for Pressure Washing

Beyond just being an option, hiring professional pressure washers during winter is smart for several reasons:

Beating the Spring Rush

Contacting contractors during their slower months means less competition for booking jobs. Homeowners can lock in discounts as companies fill open slots in their winter schedules.

Preventing Further Damage

Letting exterior grime linger through winter allows additional dirt, staining, rust and worsening mold/algae growth. Cleaning as soon as possible prevents more permanent damage.

Avoiding Spring Hassles

Taking care of dirty winterized pools, boats, RVs and other summer gear now avoids struggling to schedule pressure washing right as the warm weather rush hits later.

Improving Curb Appeal Early

Getting a head start on spring cleaning jump starts your home’s curb appeal so it looks attractive for prospective winter buyers or is ready to show off when nicer weather arrives.

Supporting Local Businesses

Keeping your neighborhood pressure washing company busy in winter helps them retain valued workers and provides steady cash flow so they can better serve you in the future.

Find Your Local Pressure Washers Open Year-Round

Don’t assume that pressure washing automatically halts when temperatures drop. Many professional contractors remain open and equipped to handle residential and commercial washing jobs even in the coldest winter conditions. Contact area companies today to inquire about off-season discounts and scheduling.

Sullins Suds Pressure Washing stays on duty providing prompt pressure washing services 365 days a year, regardless of snow, ice or frigid temperatures. Take advantage of lower rates and fast response times by calling now to book your winter cleaning. Stay safe and let the professionals blast away lingering mildew, mud and grime while you stay cozy indoors!

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