Post Holiday Pressure Washing: A Clean Home After Holidays

Post Holiday Pressure Washing

As we wave goodbye to the holiday season, our homes, which have been the epicenter of joy and celebration, might look a bit weary. The aftermath of Christmas and holiday festivities often leaves behind a trail of dirt and debris. This is where the magic of pressure washing comes into play, transforming your residence from a festive playground back into the pristine home you cherish.

Why Post Holiday Pressure Washing is Essential

After the holidays, your home’s exterior may show signs of wear from decorations, increased foot traffic, and winter weather. Pressure washing not only restores the beauty of your property but also helps in maintaining its health. It effectively removes dirt, mildew, and mold that can cause damage over time.

The Art of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, also known as power wash, is a cleaning technique using high-pressure water spray. It’s an efficient method to clean surfaces like driveways, siding, decks, and even roofs. This process not only cleans but also prepares your home for the upcoming seasons, ensuring longevity and curb appeal.

Benefits of Pressure Washing After the Holidays

  1. Enhances Curb Appeal: Your home regains its sparkle, making it a sight to behold in the neighborhood.
  2. Preventive Maintenance: Regular cleaning prevents decay and rot, saving you from costly repairs.
  3. Health Benefits: It removes allergens and harmful substances, providing a healthier environment for your family.
  4. Preparation for Spring: It sets the stage for upcoming home improvement projects, like painting or staining

When is the Best Time to Pressure Wash After the Holidays?

The holidays are a busy time, and it’s tempting to put off pressure washing until spring cleaning rolls around. But there are benefits to booking your service as soon as possible after your holiday guests have left.

Here are some reasons you shouldn’t wait:

  • Avoid permanent stains – The quicker you can treat spills from holiday gatherings on your driveway and deck, the better chance you have of removing stains.
  • Tackle mold and mildew – Cold, wet weather during the holidays causes mold and mildew growth. Pressure washing removes it before it gets worse.
  • Improve winter curb appeal – Your home likely has salt stains, muddy splatters, and more. A wash makes it look clean and inviting all winter long.
  • Be ready for spring guests – If you plan on spring hosting, a pressure wash gets your home ready nice and early.

While you certainly can pressure wash in the spring, doing it as soon as possible after the winter holidays will get your home looking brand new again.

Pressure Washing Different Exterior Surfaces

Not all exterior surfaces are created equal when it comes to pressure washing. Professional companies know the most effective and safe methods for cleaning each unique surface.


From vinyl to wood siding, a professional pressure wash removes dirt, stains, mold, and mildew. It also uncovers any cosmetic damage that may need repair before repainting.


Decks endure a lot of traffic and spills during holiday gatherings. A deep clean removes stains from food, drinks, and mud while reviving the wood’s natural color.

Concrete Driveways

Pressure washing driveways tackles oil spots, tire marks, salt stains, and more. It also cleans away any cracks or flaws to prepare for spring sealcoating.


Your roof endures heavy snow, ice dams, and excess debris during winter. Pressure washing removes mold and provides necessary roof maintenance.


While inside window washing is still needed, pressure washing the exterior removes grime that builds up in hard to reach places.


Clogged gutters are common after leaves fall during the holidays. Pressure washing clears them out completely, allowing water to drain properly.

As you can see, various exterior surfaces of your home require different pressure washing techniques. Trusting a professional means each area gets the specialized cleaning it needs.

5 Tips to Prepare for Your Post Holiday Pressure Wash

While the process is relatively simple for homeowners, preparing for the service ensure you get the best results. Here are 5 tips to get your home ready for a post holiday pressure wash:

1. Clear the Area – Remove vehicles, outdoor furniture, decorations, etc. A clear working space allows the pros full access.

2. Check for Damage – Inspect siding, paint, windows, etc. and note any repairs needed so they can be addressed after pressure washing.

3. Clean Out Gutters – Remove loose debris from gutters so they can be thoroughly pressure washed.

4. Tend to Sensitive Areas – Use tarps to protect fragile plants or other sensitive exterior areas when needed.

5. Pick a Dry Day – Schedule pressure washing when no rain is in the forecast for at least 24 hours so surfaces have time to dry completely.

Taking the time to properly prepare your home means your pressure washing service will go smoothly while achieving optimal results.

The Role of Pressure Washing in Home Maintenance

Pressure washing is not just a post-holiday activity. It’s an integral part of home maintenance. Regular cleaning extends the life of your home’s exterior surfaces and improves overall appearance. Think of it as spring cleaning for the outside of your home.

When to Pressure Wash

  • Seasonal Cleaning: Ideally, pressure wash your home once a year.
  • After Major Events: Like holidays or large gatherings.
  • Before Major Repairs: Such as painting or refinishing.

DIY vs. Professional Pressure Washing

  • DIY: More affordable but requires time, effort, and knowledge.
  • Professional: Guarantees a thorough and safe cleaning, ideal for those with hectic schedules.

Why Hire Professional Pressure Washing Services?

While it is possible to rent pressure washers and DIY, hiring a professional service for your post holiday clean comes with some great benefits:

  • We have commercial-grade equipment – More powerful tools mean faster, more effective cleaning for every surface.
  • Specialized techniques – Our extensive experience allows them to treat each surface properly and avoid damage.
  • Efficiency – We will complete the job faster than a DIY attempt.
  • Guaranteed results – Reputable companies like us will guarantee our work and make it right if you are unsatisfied.
  • Insurance protection – You avoid liability if any damages were to accidentally occur during DIY washing.

Don’t waste time trying to tackle this big job yourself. Our professional post holiday pressure washing service will restore your home’s sparkling clean exterior just in time for the new year.

Time to Schedule Your Post Holiday Pressure Wash

The holidays left your home’s exterior looking less than jolly. With guests coming and going, there’s no doubt your siding, windows, driveway, and patio are in need of a good post holiday pressure wash.

Don’t wait until spring to restore your home’s curb appeal. Cold winter weather leads to even more grime and buildup if left untreated. Sullins Suds Pressure Washing is ready to give your home a deep clean so you can start the new year off right.

From our commercial-grade equipment to our satisfaction guarantee, we’re committed to providing prompt, safe, and quality exterior cleaning. Give your home the holiday house wash it needs and schedule your pressure washing service today! Our team looks forward to making your home look its very best.

Happy New Year from your trusted pressure washing professionals!

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